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of a 2008 assault charge. brian cubler "abc news." a call to action in charles village. community leaders and police will address the recent violence in the neighborhood including the murder of steven fenn kerry. in less than a hour, there will be a rally. and a 14-year-old boy has been charged as a juvenile in the death of maryland juvenile employee. prosecutors want to try him as an adult. his family is found outside the building at the youth facility, at the county. lawmakers have criticized the state department's juvenile services for the handling of the case. taken most of the heat out of the arizona's controversial law, at least for now.
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tomorrow, the law will go into force. our judge brock, some of the laws' controversial elements. out for now, the officers' requirements to check the immigration status and immigrant's requirements to carry their papers at all times. the judge says the elements should be put on hold and for the courts to resolve the issues. it's a major change in the region that ramped up for the law. police are ready to start jailing the violators, up to holding immigrants arrested without papers. protesters were out in force on what was seen as racial profiling. >> couldn't commit any more wrong. i think with my family here. >> it's a crime to be here illegally. everybody should enforce the crime in the interior of the united states including arizona. >> and critics on both sides of the -- say the situation in arizona really highlights the need for congress to pass a comprehensive illegal immigration law. and as the courts in
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compton, trying to shaken the future of the immigration law and how it will be enforced, folks in maryland are taking up the issue. with more on the maryland immigration controversy. maryland may be 2000 miles away, people here are keeping watch on how it's being hashed out. they are issuing a copycat bill, on what he says the biggest sanctuary states in the country. a topic that heated the nation and brought people to the streets. >> it's an emotional, topic issue. it's not a political issue. it's not a party issue. >> illegal immigration is a maryland issue impacting the economy, health care and other factors. in a few years, he's proposed 11 bills related to the topic. he plans to introduce one that mirrors the arizona law.
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>> maryland is a sanctuary state. this is a state where we have 3 350 billion-dollar. we need a law in the state that can stop that and turn it around. >> first mcdunnna wants to know how people who hold state office feel? this week, he's sending surveys to 500 candidates, if they support an arizona-style bill. he plans to pose their answers in a website next month. >> to know before the election how the people who are not even doers are running for office feel about the bill. >> as for maryland's take, they are keeping watch from miles away and forming their own opinions about arizona. >> i don't think if you pull over for speeding, they need to ask about your immigration, where you work. >> most people don't understand, the word illegal. it's a great law. i would like to see it here. >> in the election year, he
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says illegal immigration is one of the state's top issues. where the people stand won't be clear, until ballots will be cast this fall. those who don't respond will be considered as no's on his website, josie sisterman, "abc news." >> and authorities are looking into seeing they will press charges against the woman accused of throwing her newborn baby out of the window. the 21-year-old mother, reportedly had the baby in an upstairs bathroom. residents joins us with the latest. >> the baby girl is in good custody and is the custody of social services. how she and her mother survived this. it defies the odds, baby born in unsanitary conditions by the mother alone. the cord was not cut right. the child was placed in a cold
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plastic bag and tossed. our recipe for tragedy. there is still some miracles left in the world. >> there is not a scratch, nor a bruise or laceration. nothing. and i was just overwhelmed with relief, big sense of exhillration and joy that the babies will find. >> considering the circumstances surrounding the birth, 8-pound 7-ounce birth is amazing. dr. with the pediatrician, who first examined the baby when she and her mother were brought in. they can tell us the girl and mother were recovering and the baby remains in protective custody. she did say the mother was concerned about the child and the child's welfare. everyone feared the worst but they found something extraordinary. >> i look at the baby and i realize, nothing happened to her. she was intact. no bones broken. it defies the medical logic. i say, god was merciful by not
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just this baby but the mother. god was there to save the baby and -- those are symptoms -- >> and the mother reportedly did not know she was pregnant until she started to give birth. the child, is doing so well, she's being discharged to the care of the child protective services. now to a developing story. pakistan's defense minister says the government doesn't suspect terrorism in today's crash of a passenger plane that was about to land in islamabad. the crash killed all 152 people on board including two u.s. citizens. the plane went down in cloudy and rainy weather. new at 5:00, a jury has award tens and millions to nearly two dozen victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. it happened in a hotel.
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today, a jury returned a 33.3 million verdict against the owner and operator of pure 5. nearly million and a half each. in tonight's consumer alert, better business bureau is warning about door to door magazine camps. they have received more than 600 complaints to those in maryland. in a sales pitch, they may explain they are working to help get back on track or selling some subscription to help troops overseas. most the magazine never arrived. if you want to learn more and how to ro tect yourself, log to our website, abc tv.
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com and click on scam alert. former governor is recovering from minor back surgery. and that an old college football to his neck and back, finally caught up with him. he's recovering well? baltimore waterfront had plenty of water in the interior when the pipe burst evacuated. now it's reopen for business. shuttle buses carried more attendees back to the marriott. the hotel sent guests elsewhere monday night when a four inch pipe joint collapsed in the 4th floor. the hotel is commending its contractors and they are repairing the mess in just 32 hours. well no rain from the sky today, that's for sure. we have few area clouds that
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broke out. hot, weather, actually, committed in the last few days. we've got 95 downtown. that's certainly the hottest day in a while. federick pushing into the upper 90s right now. so, yeah, hot conditions, humid. all of the sunshine and culprit. we thought we would see a few more clouds. we didn't get them. the wet weather has stayed south and west to the virginia. we're talking about 90s and a few clouds. one humid night on the way. a com front. the national aquarium's neon wave is going dark. aquarium is taking it doing. it will be replaced, waves made leds. the workers started taking it down today.
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kids think they are fun. ocean city police say they are dpaij russ. what steps they are taking to stop people from using green pointers. in tonight's health alert, why find out -- find out why it increases the survival rate. upcoming freshman will be heading to college. the top five must-haves in the dorm room. the complete forecast coming up in a few. [ male announcer ] achin' for steak & bacon?
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thousands of students will be heading to college and many for the first time. with the new adventure comes the anxiety from freshmen who don't know what to bring. steve johnson is here to help. she has five things you should take to the resident hall. here, all is quiet right
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now, but soon campus will be filled with students, many attending college for the first time. kathleen furrow and jackson a, jr. are both experienced on the college scene. >> it's nice to come to college, being prepared, having your feet a little bit on the ground because otherwise, you will kind of come in. you will be nervous. you don't know what to do. having some sort of preparation is really helpful. >> residents hall is where many college students spend most of the time. the rooms are not really big so you can't bring too many items. here's a list of five must haves. first, bring a personal item, like a toy or stuffed animal to help relieve stress. shower shoes to carry your toiletries to the bathroom. a fun toy to play while in the residents hall is a good idea. discuss with your roommate a small refrigerator for drinks
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and snacks. finally a desk. >> you're going to a totally new en vipirment. you probably will be a little bit more home sick. that's nice to have. the rain boots, that's a must have. there are many times, i'm walking to class. my pants get soaking wet because i didn't think to bring rain boots. >> and for jackson, a good shower caddy has proven very helpful. >> you're moving between your room and bathroom. you need to bring your stuff with you. >> the goal is for students to become comfortable in the residents hall. >> it's going to be your home for at least a year. you want to make sure you feel comfortable. >> while you want to be comfortable in your new home, stay within. >> once you get here, you will realize what you need within the first couple of weeks. probably pack light and then maybe add to that as you go on. >> and soon your room will be
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more personable and comfortable to live in. administrators say it's a good idea to talk to your roommate to figure out what to bring, so you don't double on items. you want to check out some of the other college trip, just head to the website, abc 2 >> forecast certified most accurate by weather rate . >> it was interesting through the day, kelly, to starts off overcast. it almost looks like we may get a little rain. the skies opened up and sunshine. just beautiful. >> that was a good thing. >> the birds were singing. it's a good thing. >> hot. mid-90s downtown. it's pretty hot stuff. taking a look at the harbor right now. >> the row boats are coming in. >> it's a beautiful day to be out and about. 93. that's the airport. downtown is hotter.
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humidity 43%. winds southwest at 8 miles an hour. so it is a warm southwesterly wind, bringing in hotter more humid conditions. even earlier than this, we had thicker cloud cover. this is about six hours ago. you could see a mostly cloudy sky. watch how it changes in the afternoon. we get more and more clearing and a lot of sunshine cascading over maryland through the middle part of the day right through the afternoon here. blue skies, sunshine? there's one of the birds, out there for us. hot conditions. 92 or so. again, just outside the city, we have 89. chester town, northeast to 91. mount air, you're 93. pretty hot stuff out there. right now, statewide numbers pretty hot as well. in frederick, temperatures pushing 100. 92 from hagerstown. humidity has come up some. it's still fot really at the oppress sif level yet. most of the really high humidity is still down here in western virginia. that's where you see the
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showers and storms flairing up. and none of that in maryland. an isolated chance with a shower tonight. one or two showers stheeking outs of southwest. the boundary, firing a lot of showers and storms up to the michigan area. that's going to slide south as we work in the overnight and into the day tomorrow. that boundary will do two things. un, push away the hot, humid air. also give us a chance of a midday shower or storm. forecast model, watch as we go to tomorrow afternoon. you know, pop-up showers possible midday. some of us could stay in the baltimore area. it looks like the eastern shores could see the showers. the whole thing blows out to see. we're left with a beautiful friday, clear skies. you know, it will be hot and sticky tomorrow, ahead of the front. look at the difference tomorrow night. the cool air sinks in the north and west as we get down to the 60s. it will be nicer as we go to
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the weekend. we will stay muggy tomorrow. a sticky, humid day. just a chance of a mid-day storm. tomorrow night, we will begin to clear it out. down to 68, it will definitely feel different tomorrow night into the day friday. you could see the change. 87 or so on friday for a high. dryer day, less humid. 85 and 83 on sunday, with just a slight chance of a couple of showers into the afternoon. kelly? >> abc 2 is working for you, but trying to help you get back to work. we asked you to send us some resumes and you did. we will show you folks that are ready to go back to work. cpr could give you a chance of survival. how the new guidelines are making it easier to save lives? abc
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we are working on a ton of brand-new stories for you tonight at 5:30. i'm roosevelt electionwig. roosevelt officials are not laughing. how they are cracking down on the pointers. 100 days later, a look on the impact of the spill and what's ahead? do we have a gripe on the service? a look at the top consumer complaints and what you should do if you should get bad service. these stories and up-to-the- minute news at 5:30. and in tonight's health alert, two studies, chest compressions alone could save lives. findings are on-line with the statement from the american heart association. the association recommended that bystanders who are not
5:24 pm
properly trained in cpr should perform chest compressions but not westly breathing in an event of an emergency. cpr could double the rate of survival for people who go under cardiac arrest. they can take away the mouth to mouth part. the guidelines say just chest compression alone could still help save lives. the studies were conducted between 2004 and 2009, where bistanders were instructed by 911 dispatchers on which cpr method to use. survival rates were similar on folks, who did cpr mouth to mouth resuscitation and those who received cpr without expert breathing. there were specific instances where cpr should be performed,
5:25 pm
including sudden acute and for children who needs cpr, such as drowning symptoms. and for those good samaritans who are not trained with who could save a life, researchers say chest compressions alone could be life saving until the medical profession could arrive. heading out to the baseball games and heading to the concession stands. is the food safe to eat? take a look at what espn found in camden yard. coming on "abc news" at 5:30
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normally, it is found in the board room and not in the
5:28 pm
board rock. green lays is becoming a problem in ocean city. kids are having fun with the lasers but those who tell us, those in city police say they are dangerous. when we go to ocean city, all we want to do is get away from it all and relax. it's tough to relax with a bright green gun in your eyes. >> annoying. >> it seems a whole new group of young kids discovered the fun of laser pointers. this time, there are a lot more powerful than dangerous. the red ones we're used to seeing have been replaced by a green powerful beam. some lack the appropriate warning labels. and the collar green has a more intense laserring to the human eye. the laser is longer and travels further. >> kids, not much you could do. >> there is. >> it's not illegal to possess
5:29 pm
them. it's illegal to use them in a harassing marn. >> ocean police have issued citations. it's not illegal to sell lasers. at least one merchants we saw, didn't want to show he had lasers to sell. >> >> 's a problem. >> some believe they should be illegal. >> in a moment, they squirm all around. perhaps, permanent eye damage or blindness. that's a real uneasy feeling. >> these guys are wearing t- shirts that are so offensive, we can not show on tv and they have an opinion. >> get rid of. >> you using in the laser, in the boardwalk, it could be fun and games. it may be a little annoying. when you come around traffic, that's a whole another situation. >> may not intend

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